Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The return of the comeback

It has been quite some time (read: years) since I last blogged. When my old blog crashed, I asked other bloggers how to retrieve it but I gave up because I simply couldn't figure out their instructions. I hope you remember Confessions of a Drama Queen and her shallow, over-the-top but sometimes witty take on matters. She is now making a comeback - a little older (but still fabulous!) but now grounded on far more important things. I have gone through C-section and gave birth to my Mini-Me (Leia).
Being a mom showed me the joys, pains and gave me the heart of a mother. I became grounded and is now a staunch breastfeeding advocate. I exchanged my stilletos for comfortable flat shoes and mastered the art of giving baths and comparing diaper prices. I am a single parent who will go through hell and high waters for my daughter.

Seriously though, I missed blogging so much and I always remember those people I met in the blogosphere. Don't get me wrong, motherhood is an amazing journey but I find myself itching to type away during times when I needed some form of release. Looking back, blogging awakened the writer in me... let me rephrase that - the creative writer in me. Sometimes, when you do too much serious writing, you miss the freedom of words and opinions that a blog offers. Never mind if it ain't balanced, if it's peppered with biases and sarcasm.

Absence does make the heart grow fonder. I hope my fingers can keep up with my thoughts and I can be as candid (and I hope mature) as I can. I sure don't want to waste your time reading rubbish then asking yourself why you even bothered to check this blog post.

As I start this new blog, I hope that I can maintain and do it sensibly. I promise to ONLY write and post things which can help, encourage or at least provide a different vantage point to my readers with whatever is going on in their respective lives. BUT, I hope you will also allow me to indulge SOMETIMES in my zany mode. I raise my cup to my first blog post and fingers crossed -  more to come!

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